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Webster Lacrosse Club 2022 Spring Newsletter


The Webster Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce...the “KING OF SPRING RETURNS!!!” LONG LIVE THE KING!  We are humbled and fortunate that the webster lacrosse community has come together and provided programs from the youth through adult leagues throughout this past year. The college season is underway, and the youth players have been getting some early season runs at the box with the warm weather yesterday.   Titans Youth kicking off on March 13th, the high school season is set to kick off on March 14th and our Warrior Youth set to kick off on April 11th. Depending on the program the spring/summer tournaments dates will be posted soon.  It is time to buckle up the chin straps and get after it ! 





On behalf of the Webster Lacrosse Club, Welcome to another year of Webster Lacrosse.  To our new families, welcome.  We hope you find our Club to be the right fit and spend some time with us.  To our returning families welcome back to another year of being here. It is a great place to be. We have the right people, in place, at the right time, to make this another great year! 

We are heading into our second spring season running youth programs as both “Little Warriors” and “Little Titans”. We are still “ONE” Webster Lacrosse Club with the same primary purpose to grow and promote the game of lacrosse in the town of Webster.  Involvement and participation are the key to our success.  Our goal is to generate participation to the level of having two modified lacrosse teams at both Spry and Willink Middle schools.

We look forward to another year of watching the boys grow and play such an amazing game and meeting all the new families out on the field.        


It is that time of year to send an important message.  We are an all-volunteer organization.  We love the Game.  So, do you.  As it should be.

We also have lives of our own.  We have children of our own.  We have jobs, marriages, and relationships to attend to.  Our children’s lacrosse experience is just as important as your family’s experience.  To that end, we call on all lacrosse families to collaborate and come together and support our “Core Values.”  Buy in and have fun together.

Our Board of Directors have been meeting since last September, the start of the new “lacrosse year” planning for the Spring Season.  It is finally here.  From top to bottom, we are committed to playing the “medicine game” in our own back yard. 

But we need your help.  We do not care whether you played the game in the past or are a complete novice.  As a Club, we measure success by involvement.   The feast is always better when everybody brings a dish to pass.  Our unit of measurement for success is about involvement, fun, and life lessons that transcend the game, not just through wins and losses or individual accolades.  Those latter things are important, but they just seem to be more frequent when we focus on the former...involvement, fun, and life lessons.  Simply put, they are a side effect, not the goal.

As we begin the Spring season, we have a preliminary list of volunteer coaches and volunteers, but it is just that. Preliminary.  Recruiting more people into the leadership positions is always a prime focus of our organization.  There is always room for more.   In addition to our coaching needs, the Club has a great need for volunteers for field set up and break down, field lining, string goals, clean up at the Box, team moms or dads for snacks, timekeepers, and injury help with ice, cuts, etc.  The list is endless.

At the Board level we are always in a state of transition as our little guys become bigger boys and eventually, grown men and move on to the next station in their lives.  We have open opportunities with many Committee Chairmen positions.

These are significant positions, and we need to fill them. Board positions are One-year terms that run from 8/1 to 7/31 of the following year.  Two-year terms run the same.  The Secretary and Treasurer have 2-year term.  All Other board positions are 1-year term.

Anyone interested in serving in these positions should contact the Club President directly. 


Webster Classic

At this time, the Webster Lacrosse Club board of directors is considering dates for the Webster Classic. 

Crandall/Diesenroth Scholarship

All graduating seniors are encouraged to review the Club’s criteria for eligibility and apply as soon as possible.  Applications will be distributed by May 1st.  

Titan & Warrior Summertime at the Box, Crandall Cup, Summer Camps & Adult Summer Leagues

Please keep an eye on the Webster lacrosse club website for more information. 



We are pleased to report some of the success of our alumni who continued their college lacrosse careers.  As best we know, here is a list of our alums that have made it to college rosters this year.  We love those DI guys but are equally as proud of those student athlete DII, DIII/Community College grinders who are getting it done.  Getting an education but still finding time to enjoy the game.  Here are the boys who have roster spots for this 2022 College Season as far as we know.  If there are others left out, please let us know:

Webster Thomas

Matt Hill – University of Massachusetts Amherst (Captian)

Nick Mabe – Mercyhurst University

Matt Yonko – Clarkson University

Joe Luconte – Suny Geneseo

Cade Spencer – Suny Geneseo

Jacob Allen – Maryville University

David Gutman – MCC

Brendan Smallcomb– MCC

Stevie Katz – Mercyhurst University

CJ Battiagila – Penn State University  

Ben Lagoner– Suny Potsdam

Ben Welch – Suny Potsdam

Brian Jantz – St John Fisher

Rory Mc Cabe  - SUNY Canton


Webster Schroeder

Conner Bollin – RIT

Tim Weisensel – Mercyhurst University

Erik Jakobsze – RIT

Steven Kay – Clarkson University

Evan Alfano– Suny Cortland

Josh Hauman – Alfred University

Johnathan Kay – Alfred University

Joe Visconte – Alfred University

Jack Ferruzza – University of Buffalo

Hunter Olsen – SUNY Canton

Joe Carra  III – Alfred University



So here we are once again, another year carrying on the traditions of the past...the medicine game.  Passing it on from one generation to the next.  The same conversations but with different names.  How do we make WLC better?  How can we improve on what we have?  Those are good, necessary conversations. Our measurement of success is involvement within our community. That is the difference between good and great programs.  Great Players, Families and even great coaches come and go...but it is the traditions that abide.  There is a good argument that things are just fine, and our Club will be that way for a long, long time if we stick to our Core Values.  As they should be and as they always will. 

Have fun folks; embrace our core values and our heritage as a Club of celebrating the simple but disciplined lessons of promoting lacrosse in our own back yard.  We will see you on the fields, see you at the Box and we will see you at the Classic.  It is going to be another great year of Webster Lacrosse! 




 "A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong"

- Tecumseh

by posted 03/07/2022
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