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Hello K-2 Webster Players and Parents,

Our first day of Spring Lacrosse is fast approaching!  We hope you're as excited as we are to shed winter (and all of these cold snowy days) and get to spring and the fastest growing team sport in America!  Kindergartners will join the 1st & 2nd graders on March 16th, 2019 for the start of their season.  We will be practicing indoors for the months of March & April, one day a week (Saturdays) before moving to our outside fields.  


Spring Program Overview: Kindergartners will be practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The first and second graders will be practicing Mondays, Wednesdays.  Mondays, are "Game Nights" for the K-2 group and will be located at our Ridgecrest Fields/Box Arena.  Game night times will be staggered to ensure every team gets to play in the Box.  These game times will range from 5pm - 8 pm.  Wednesday Nights will be "Practice Nights" for K-2.  Practice nights are located at DeWitt Rd Elementary School Fields.  Kindergartners will be separated from the first and second Graders, but at the same location.  Saturdays, will be 1st-2nd grade practice only open to the players who signed up for the Tournament Teams.


Kindergartners will be grouped together and play with and against each other on Game nights. There will be a big gap between a kindergartner and a second grader, who may be playing in his third season. We do this to ensure the kindergartners get sufficient repetitions and do not get discouraged playing with the older and more experienced players. There is also a bit of a safety concern. We have been doing this for the past few years and the feedback from the coaches and parents has been all positive.  


Our K-2 Schedule for Spring 2019:

Please See the "2019 K-2 Spring Schedule" Drop down under the K-2 Program tab


Program Goals:

The goals of our K-2 youth lacrosse program are to:

1.    Teach players the fundamentals of the game while honoring it's deep tradition

2.    Enable all players to participate equally during practice and games

3.    Teach concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and inclusion to all players

4.    Make it a positive experience for all players and ensure all players have FUN!

5.    Have a safe practice environment for everyone

The 4th goal is the most important as these players are young and have tons of potential in the sport.  So if we make it fun the kids will want to come back next season.  And that's what youth sports is all about, the kids.  Our club philosophy is to make the experience educational, competitive and fun.  If we achieve all of them, we all win.


Program Structure:

We do lots of station work (especially in the beginning of the season) to focus on the skills and fundamentals of the sport.  Lacrosse is a unique game in that you are using a stick to catch, throw, cradle, and more.  There are many motor skills involved, so we try to break down each skill into fun learning stations and as we go week to week, we build upon the skills we are learning.

As we get a little further into the season (typically a few weeks in), we start to incorporate scrimmages and games (in the box and the fields).  This is great time for the kids as well as the opportunity to put all that we have learned into action, all while continuing to learn more and have fun.


Lacrosse Team Details:

Teams will be formed and communicated (and posted online) as we get closer to the season or just after the start of the season.  We will evaluate skills and try to make the teams as even as possible so we have fair competitive play, equal opportunity, and a fun experience all around.  We feel this is the best way to introduce or continue to develop the skills and confidence of each child.



Expectations of our coaches are to:

Please complete the coaches certification!

First, I would like to say thanks you to all of our coaches and volunteers.  You are all instrumental in making our program a success.  This is all completely voluntary, so we appreciate your help and dedication to this great sport and program.

1.    Be prepared each practice with a plan and have a whistle

2.    Teach fundamentals and game concepts to all players

3.    Provide equal touches and game time to all players

4.    Teach sportsmanship, teamwork and respect (by word and example)

5.    Focus on making the experience fun for all

6.    Always take the time to praise the positive

7.    Correct mistakes in a positive way (body language and verbal communication are significant)

We will be focusing on a lot of station work this year.  Station assignments and practice plans for each station will be communicated weekly.  The goals of the station are: 

1.    Build on the fundamentals from week to week

2.    Focus on the skills and maximize the number of touches each kids has.

3.    Have all coaches and volunteers involved in the stations

4.    Practice plans will be sent out, so if you signed up to coach or volunteer, you should see your name next to a team and station.

5.    If at any time you have a question, please feel free to email me.

We as coaches have such a privilege to work with these boys at a time that they are getting started on their Lacrosse Journey.  We need to make it a positive and fun experience.  Some great points to keep in mind:

1.    Praise more than correct.

2.    Be that coach that kids want to come up to when they see you at Wegman’s.

3.    Be influential, not the last coach that kids have!


Additional Volunteer Opportunities

If anyone else would like to coach, volunteer, or help in any manor, please let me know.  We can always use extra help during the season.

Helping with stations, setup, backing up errand passes, helping with game and scrimmage substitutions, etc… are just some of the ways to help.  Just let me know if you would like to join in the fun and I am sure myself or one of the other coaches would welcome the addition.



In regards to the weather, it is likely the first week or two will be chilly so please make sure your son has appropriate clothing for the weather.  Long sleeves clothing and pants are recommended.  If for any reason the weather is unacceptable during the practice, we may end a little early.

Also, if the weather forecast or the current weather for that day does not look favorable, I will try to make a “go or cancellation” decision by 4 PM that day.  Please look for communications to come in your email or check the scrolling banner on the WLC page for any updates to that days practice (when the weather is questionable).  You can always contact me with questions regarding the status as well.

Equipment and Pinnies:

All kids should must be be fully equipped (all equipment on) when entering the practice or game fields, including the box.

I had a few questions in the past about wearing cleats or sneakers.  Either is fine and it really depends on what your son is comfortable in.  The kids are not really running and cutting that significantly so there is no real need for them to wear cleats.

If you need to rent equipment (helmet, gloves, arm and shoulder pads) there is an additional rental cost of $25.00.   Equipment rental pickup will be held on TBD at "The Shed" located next to the Box on Ebner Drive. 

Also, all players are required to have a reversible pinney with a dark and light side.  If you don't have one and would like to purchase a WLC pinney for $15 and can be picked up during equipment piclup.


Teams, Schedules, and other information:

Schedule and team information will be posted on the WLC website under that same tab called “K-2 Program” and then you can select the team or schedule pages.  Here is where you can check what team your son is on and the schedule for the entire season. 


$$Cost for the 2019 Spring Season$$:

2019 Spring Cost: Kindergarten - Second Grade (K-2)

  • Kindergarteners ‘House’ -  Cost $100.00 (Equipment Rental not included) (practice 1 day/week, 1 game/week plus a few tournaments)
  • 1st  - 2nd Grade ‘House’ - Cost: $125 (Equipment Rental not included) (practice 2 days/week, 1 game per week)
  • 1st – 2nd Grade ‘Tournament/Travel Team’ – Cost: $100 (includes a 3rd practice day/week, 3-4 tournaments throughout the spring-summer 2019 season
    • New Travel/Tournament Uniform (pinnie/shooter shirt/shorts) cost TBD
  • Available Equipment Rental: $25.00/player


Expectations of The Parents:

  1. Bring water for your son.  A water bottle that has a straw to fit through the helmet works best, but any water bottle will do.
  2. Ensure your son has all his gear each practice (Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, and Elbow Pads) – Safety is very important, so at any time your son is on the field, he should have all of his equipment on – properly.

3.    Ensure your son has a protective cup and mouthpiece and uses them.

4.    Bring appropriate attire for the weather conditions.

5.    Be on time and prepared so we can start practice on time.

6.    Stay present during practice.

7.    Keep a positive attitude on the sideline. Remember the coaches are volunteers and the players are just kids.


In Closing: 

I am truly looking forward to the start of the season as well as a great overall spring session of lacrosse.  Watching this kids grow in this sport is an amazing experience and something we should all be proud of.

If at any time anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jared Muisus
Webster Lacrosse Club K-2 Program Director
Cell/Text: (585) 613-2308 Email: jaybird2277@gmail.com