Sponsored By:   Wegmans
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     Our tournament reflects the philosophy of our Club.  It is a "Classic" style tournament.  One day, one location.  There are no champions promoted, just competitive competition.  

     The format gives youth coaches with players at varying skill levels every incentive to get all their kids into the game and just "let em play."  Play to win, play hard, but get everyone into the game and still keep it developmental.  The one location, one day format embodies our "family comes first" philosophy.  Famlies who have kids in Kindergarten and up to 6th grade know they will all be at the same place for a great day of lacrosse.  Families with kids coming from out of town are assured of three quality games, played on one day, within a reasonable time span so they can get back on the road and get home to salvage a little bit of the weekend for things other than lacrosse.

     The Tournament is held at Semmler fields located next to the Webster Acquatic Center and Webster Schroeder High School.   The fields are located less than a mile or so from local hotels, restaurants, and shopping.   

     As a Club, we are well aware that the Game is evolving and growing.  Many tournaments are offering championships and recruiting exposure.  We recognize these events have their place in the game but we hope our Tournament offers something a little more special: a chance to just play the game for the sake of fun and nothing else.  Played hard and competitively, the way it was meant to be played and for no other reason. Played at one location, on one day.

      We would like to extend an open invitation to all youth and scholastic programs dedicated to the "core" values and communal origins of what the Native Americans called the "medicine game."  Join us for a great day of lacrosse at our Webster Lacrosse Classic this spring and be a part of our effort to simply "Let the kids Play."    For more information, go to our tournament site at Click Here