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    We are the Webster Lacrosse Club.  Founded in 1996, the Club is dedicated to promoting the game of Lacrosse in the Town of Webster.  We offer lacrosse activities from elementary school to summer adult  games.  The Club is an "all-volunteer"organization.   It is a fully recognized tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation.  Contact information for our Club's Board of Director's can be found on the "contact" tab under the "Association" menu. 

    Lacrosse is probably the most exciting combination of every popular sport rolled into one.  It combines the agility of Basketball, the endurance of Soccer, the physical contact of Football and quick eye-hand coordination of Hockey.  Many kids start playing it as their “second” sport only to find that it becomes their favorite.

    Lacrosse once earned a misplaced reputation as a violent Native American game but in truth, the modern game involves much more finesse than brute strength.  The Native Americans called lacrosse the "medicine game” because of the belief the game held spiritual power to strengthen medicine and heal the sick.  True, Lacrosse is a contact sport and some checking is permitted but injuries are quite rare if properly fitting equipment is worn.  Body checking is not permitted at the youth levels.

    In an effort to return the game to its communal roots, the WLC is “ferociously and totally” committed to promoting lacrosse “in” the Town of Webster.  It starts at the youth levels which run “in house” developmental programs.  We are the only Town in Monroe County that has its own, in house spring league.  The main focus is "maximum touches" i.e., maximize the number of times a child "touches" the ball.   The more times he touches the ball, through playing time, drills or whatever, the faster he develops and most importantly, the more fun he will have.

    Games are played on town fields and at the “Box” located on the Town campus at the Parks and
Center.  At the Box, we operate our own concession stand and we are located next to a water park and playground.  Bathrooms are easily accessible and there is an AED on premises.  Every game is a home game with a focus on learning, family and fun.  After their game, kids can grab a slice of pizza, take a dunk at the water park and chase their brother or sister around the playground.

    We rent equipment for kids who are just starting out and most important of all, we are affordable compared to many other youth sports programs.  We are committed to ensuring that financial hardship is never an impediment to any child that wants to play the game.  We also want to make newcomers welcome.  No experience is ever necessary.

     But what makes WLC most unique is that we actually encourage our kids to play other sports.
Cross training makes you a better athlete, prevents burn-out, and enhances overall body development.  Plus, other sports are fun!  We do offer “off-season” lacrosse activities as well but they are not “mandatory.” Generally, we offer lacrosse 3 months on, 1 month off.

    While the house programs are the main effort of our Club, we also participate in more competitive activities like summer tournaments, particularly at the older levels.  The highlight of the summer season is our own “Webster Classic.”   It is the one day of the year that our entire Club, from K-12th grade, both sides of Town,  get together at one location to host a "Classic Style" tournament for other town club's that share the same values and commitment to the communal roots of the game.

    The Webster Lacrosse Club boasts a proud tradition of young men who continued their lacrosse experience after high school.  We are one of the only town Club's in the area that feeds two high school programs.   Webster Lacrosse alumni have gone on to play in college from Division I to Junior College and even in the professional ranks.  

    Staying true to our mission statement, the WLC tries to offer lacrosse activities not just at the youth and scholastic levels but also for alumni and town residents alike.  In the past these have included an alumni game, summer college nights and adult pick-up games at the box.  

    Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation.  Although we are a part of that growth, we would like to think that Lacrosse in the Town of
Webster is even more special than following the wave of popularity. While we we take great pride in the individual success of the kids in our Club, we are also humbled by the knowledge that success is just a side-effect of the simple pleasure and grace of promoting the love of the game and nothing else.  We measure success by involvement. 

     In short, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.