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     The Webster Lacrosse Club scholarship is offered once a year to graduating Club members who will be attending college when they graduate. 

     In 2007 the Club named the scholarship in honor of Gary Crandall, a parent and Club member who passed away after his personal fight with cancer.  Gary's leadership embodied the type of community volunteerism and selfless service we hope to inspire in all the young parents whose children come through our program.

     In 2015, the Club lost another great one.  Mike Deisenroth was cut from the same mold as Gary Crandall.  A consummate volunteer, he is best remembered by his response to almost any volunteer activity we ever planned, whether it was building the Box Lacrosse Rink, lining fields for the youth programs, handing out equipment as our Equipment Director, or working a long day at our Webster Classic. His response, every time..."I'll be there."

     It is one of those responses that you take for granted until that time and place when you realize the day when he will not be there.  At least in person.  The legacy of Mike and Gary will carry on.  It will carry on by our commitment to the core values of our Club.

     In that regard, the Scholarship is offered to those Club members, who through their acts and deeds, also embody the core values of the Club.  Applicants must at least maintain a ""B" average, demonstrate leadership on and off the field, and demonstrate a love of the game.  This is characterized by evidence that they have somehow "given back to the game" through volunteer activities with the Youth Programs or similar programs.  Applicants must  submit a copy of their transcripts, complete an essay and submit a letter of recommendation from a Coach or Teacher.

     The WLC  scholarship is far from a "full ride."  If you are lucky it may pay for a semester of books.   It is however a very special accomplishment and admission into an "elite" fraternity of young men whose careers have included a broad number of successes, from Division I  to Community College Lacrosse, Coaching at the youth levels and Post-graduate study.  It means you are a well rounded, well adjusted and confident young man with a bright future ahead of you, whether it is on or off the field.  

     After all the years of driving hundreds of miles for tournaments, often times missing or altering our work schedules, enduring sub-freezing temperatures in the Spring and unbearable heat in the summer, paying all the money for the latest, state of the art stick or helmet, and enduring the funky smells that come from your equipment bag..... when it comes down to it....that is all we as parents ever really want for our kids.  The peace of mind that we have instilled in you the tools to be a leader and a role model, and the ability to face any challenges life throws at you after you leave our Club. 

     Finally, we hope we instilled in you a love of Lacrosse that will inspire you to give back to the game as you continue to grow and maybe some day, if you are lucky enough to have kids of your own,  that you pass that love of the game to the next generation.   


Mike Deisenroth/Gary Crandall Scholarship Recipents

2004 - Tim Baran, Steve Hutton, Tyler VanCura   
2005 -  Mike Catalino, Matt Crandall, Jack Mooney
2006 -  Dennis Contanza, Steve Hondorf, John Pawluk, Brandon Reeners, Jay Willmes
2007 -  Grant Catalino, Bryan Clifford, Steve Nowak, Dom Scalzo, Andy Winslow, Tim Winslow
2008 -  Shane Farrell, Max Gurowski, Anthony Stripe, Mike Tota, Alex Viola, Jake Ziegler
2009 -  AJ Glagolev, Bill Gurowski, Pat Morrill, Mark Saltrelli, Jake Spadoni, Chris Topping, 
            Chad Willmes
2010 -  Brett Farrell, Brad Hutton, Ryan Martin, Scott Tota
2011 -  Cody Henry
2012 -  Joe Stacy, Tom Moriarty, Danny Rizzo
2013 -  Justin Bird, John Hill, Chris Deisenroth, Adam Jollow, Kenny Nelson, Mike Austin, Sig Sahli
2014 -  Colin Walters, Mitch Hutteman, Michael Trass, Kyle Griffin

2015 -  Davis Bird, Kevin Hill, Gunnar Jurgensen, Matt Streit, Zach Bell, Adam Gerbasi, Jack Donnelly.
2016 - Joe Vasile, Blake Balcaen, Cameron Bollin, Matt Montgomery, Patrick Donnelly,  Thomas Hanley, Travis Ford

2017 - Cameron Cirella, Jacob Coon

2018 - Justin Connolly, Stephen Connolly, Jonathan Ferruzza, Jonathan Kay, Conor Bollin, Trevor Ford, Erik Jakobsze, Nicholas Mabe, Matt Hill, Gunnar Hausknecht

2019 - Noah Germano, Jeremiah Maichuk, Mike Northrup, JP Maichuk, Nick Vasile, Steven Katz, David Gutman, Brian Jantz

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