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1-Webster 1      
2-Webster 2      
3- Webster 3      
4- Pittsford      
5- Penfield 1      
6- Penfield 2      
  9am 10am 11am
Field 1 1v6 6v3 4v5
Field 2 2v4 2v5 1v3
Box 3v5 1v4 6v2



Each team will play 3 games with one game in the box.

22 minute running halves with 2 minute halftime.

No timeouts.

Play is 7v7 plus goalie. In the box 5v5 plus goalie. 

Penalties are non time serving. Possesion will change and the player will be subbed out.

"Hot Rule" is optional can be discussed and decided on prior to the game by the coaches.

Faceoff after each goal. 5 goal differential the ball will be awarded to the trailing team. 

All players must have full equipment; helmet, gloves, shoulderpads, armpads, moutguard. 

No longpoles.

No body checking.

No offsides in the box.