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2019 Men's Fall Box Lacrosse League Rosters


Chubby Chasers


Saint Michael


Honey Cajun


Tots n Tall Boys


Wilkins, S Dutton Maciaszek Moss
Schutt Defreze Gillies Engler
Nadelen Donovan Deleo DiSanto
Lachut Costanza Kaiser Jarvis
Papa Crawford Vandewall Harvey
Deisenroth Fischer Weidert Dalton
Empey Folgherait Thone Winslow, T
Annal Hendee Valvano Stockman
Romas Shortino O'Connor Crane
Butto Winslow, A Nairn Riorden
Ruller Wright Manard Wilkins, C
Briggs Buck Bailey Lucania




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Week 1


vs. Saint Ms (W)   Cajuns vs. Tots (W)
Week 2 Saint Ms (W) vs. Cajuns   Tots (W) vs. Chasers
Week 3 Cajuns (W) vs. Chasers   Saint Ms (W) vs. Tots
Week 4

2 Seed



3 Seed

Cajuns (W)


1 Seed 

Saint Ms (W)


4 Seed


Week 5 Tots vs. Chasers   St. Ms vs. Cajuns


Week 1:  Saint Michael 23, Chubby Chasers 22; Tots 14, Cajun 13

Week 2:  Saint Michael 17, Honey Cajun 15; Tots 26, Chubby Chasers 16

Week 3:  Honey Cajun 12, Chasers 10; St. Michael 18, Tots 12

Week 4:  Honey Cajun 27, Tots 10; St. Michael 28, Chubby Chasers 17

Week 5:  Tots 24, Chubby Chasers 17; St. Michael 19; Honey Cajun 14

Champions...St. Michael 



1.  Light Pressure Cross Checking - Many have complained about the physical cross checking that is occurring.  Remember, most aren’t wearing kidney pads and everyone has to go to work the day after the game.  Captains will address players that are excessively checking.  When it occurs it will be called and possession will be awarded to the other team.

2.  Shot Clock - Captains will enforce a 30 second shot clock upon possession with 2 minutes left in the game for the winning team to prevent stalling and to keep the pace of play appropriate.

3.  Balls in the Net - If a ball goes into the net and becomes trapped and cannot be retrieved the last team to touch it loses possession unless the ball hit the post or the goalie.

4.  Substititutions - A player must wait to leave the bench until the player leaving the field touches the wall at the bench area

5.  Crease - Players can not reach into the crease to retrieve the ball when the ball is in front of the goal line.  Balls behind the goal can be retrieved by either team.