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Parent Expectations (adapted from US Lacrosse):

Players, coaches, spectators and parents are to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Game"

and demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials and spectators. In becoming a member of the

lacrosse community an individual assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the game of lacrosse

and its participants. The essential elements in this "Code of Conduct" are HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Those

who conduct themselves in a manner that reflects these elements will bring credit to the sport of lacrosse,

themselves, their team and their organization. It is only through such conduct that our sport can earn and

maintain a positive image and make its full contribution to youth sports in Webster and greater Rochester area.

WLC Board of Directors support the following behaviors for those participating or involved in any way with our

program and youth lacrosse in general:

  • The essential elements of the "Code of Conduct" must be adhered to.
  • Sportsmanship and teaching the concepts of fair play are essential to the game, and must be

taught and developed both at home and on the field during practices and games.

  • The emphasis on winning should never be placed above the value of good sportsmanship, the

concepts of fair play, or the skills of the game.

  • Derogatory comments are unacceptable. Use positive reinforcement with players and adults alike.
  • It should be remembered that criticism, once made, can never be retracted.
  • The safety and welfare of the players are of primary importance.
  • Coaches must always be aware of the tremendous influence they have on their players. They are to

strive to be positive role models in dealing with young people, as well as with adults.

  • Officials are expected to conduct themselves as professionals and in a manner that demonstrates

courtesy and fairness to all parties while exercising their authority on the field.

  • Adults involved with the game must never permit anyone to openly or maliciously criticize, badger,

harass, or threaten an official. 

  • Observe the 24-hour rule before appoaching a coach or league director.
  • Knowledge of the Rules of Lacrosse must be respected and adhered to by all who participate in the

game of lacrosse, both in the letter and the spirit of the game. Attempts to manipulate rules in an

effort to take unfair advantage of an opponent, or to teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct, is

considered unacceptable conduct.

  • Eligibility requirements, such as age and previous level of participation, must be followed. They

have been established to encourage and maximize participation, as well as promote safety.


Boy's Lacrosse Positions



The three attackmen generally limit their play to the offensive end of the field working with the midfielders to score goals. They will maneuver in front of and behind the goal to set up and take shots.


The midfielders cover the entire field playing both offense and defense. They must have speed and stamina in order to make the transition from one end to the other quickly.


The defensemen generally play only in the defensive end of the field and are primarily responsible for defending the goal. They are also crucial in clearing the ball to the offensive end of the field with the midfielders. Defensemen may use a longer shaft on their sticks to assist in intercepting passes and to give them an advantage in scooping ground balls.


The goalie defends the goal and prevents the opposing team from scoring. A good goalie directs his teammates in defense because he can see the field with the play unfolding in front of him.


What should an effective pocket look like on a stick:

okay, but shallow

Image result for What should a pocket look like on a boys lacrosse stick:

BETTER!  Most of the ball is below the bottom of the head's side wall

Pockets are temperamental:

  • too deep and stick may throw down (whip), especially when wet
  • too shallow and harder to catch, cradle and hold the ball
  • important for players to get a pocket that enables them to hold the ball well while enabling them to pass/shoot with consistency



Instructional / Fundamental Videos:



Throw and Catch


Ground Balls


Wall Ball