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Coaches Corner

Please complete the Coaches Background check - This is a no charge service to you and helps us maintain good standing with the Youth Sports Council as well as porvide a safe environment for all of the children.

Posted here will be information for coaches, volunteers, and any parents that would like to stay in tune with our station work and plans for the upcoming week.

Field Layout / setup:
Click Here for Dewitt
Click Here for RidgCrest

Coaches, please find the station assignments and detailed plans here:

Detailed practice plans please read these before practice to review the fundamental:   Click Here

** Google Drive Videos - Broken down by fundamental / skill **

No Practice on _____ - Memorial Day.  Next Team Practice is TBD (also make up picture day)

Field / Team assignments below:

First Team listed is Dark

Practice Plan below:

Time Practice Drills

5 Minutes

Warm Up / Stretch / Lap

5-7 Minutes

Ground Ball Line Drills (can use multiple line / balls)

5 -7 Minutes

Partner Passing

5 -7 Minutes

Coach Rolls out Ground Ball – Kids run out scoop, and pass back to coach

5 - 7 Minutes

Shooting – see who can shoot the hardest over hand bound shot.
Or roll out the GB towards the kids and have the scoop, one cradle and shoot - form 2 lines of kids at the top of the box.  Coach rolls out ball to start teh drill.


5 - 7 Minutes


1 on 1 Drills.  Either GB battles or 1 v1 with one kid starting with teh ball